Pedestrian in Bombay

Whatever happened to basic etiquettes and civility while walking, people ?
Some pedestrians zig-zag as if they are in a drunken stupor. Others are so glued to their cell phones that they cannot see anyone approaching from the other direction. Those holding umbrellas walk as if they own the road/ footpaths. And among the worst culprits are those who juggle cellphones and umbrellas.
In any case, most footpaths in Bombay are a maze of hanging wires, uneven paver blocks, falling trees and encroachments. Traipsing through these hurdles needs consummate athletic skills, not ‘ pedestrian’ at all !!


Games people play…..or don’t ?

When was the last time, someone used the lower part of a wicket-keeper’s gloves to leave a personal/ political/ religious message ? Pretty obvious place to announce your intentions !!
That said, if the Rules don’t permit it, don’t don such gloves – as Dhoni said. Let the Game go on.

Children of a lesser God …..?

Every day scores of young children face abuse of various kinds at the hands of people whom they trust – close relatives, care givers, friends, acquaintances and even unknowns who win their trust. Instead of looking at the caste and religion of the perpetrators, it’s time we understand that just like terror, abuse has no religion; it’s all about power , exploitation and confidence about their getting away scot-free.
It’s not about one Asifa, or Twinkle ( God bless their souls). It’s about the safety of all vulnerable young ones, wherever they are.
It’s about bringing the perpetrators to time-bound justice. It’s about shaming them and bringing the full force of the law to bear on these fiends.
It’s about empathetic investigation, foolproof, incorruptible prosecution, judiciary and time-bound execution of judgements.
Eternal vigilance by parents, teachers, policemen, psychologists, law enforcement agencies, just about everyone – is the only way ahead.
Placards, messages on social media and candle light marches can only do so much. It’s time to hit the ground running for the sake of those who are too young to understand what’s happening to them. The system needs to care, else we don’t need the system. WE are the system and the system is US.

Of tennis players and some off days…..

Two different tennis matches on different days….played almost in similar conditions….

Focus here on the losers…..

One – whined, wasted time, was grumpy, warned for unsportsmanlike conduct and tried to delay/ stop the match on a number of occasions. Novak Djokovic – Rank No. 1. Hopefully, you will learn better.

The other – played the best he could, tried really hard against the best player on clay the world has ever seen, scowled at himself sometimes and in between reeled off some unbelievable shots. The stadium rose as one applauding this great Champion, as he left. Roger Federer – arguably the best tennis player of all time. Above all – A truly great Sportsperson. Respect.

The Indian Elections

Hilarious to see television anchors jumping like excited monkeys, dragging in imaginary trucks, buses etc. into discussions on exit polls.
Was remembering the early days when Prannoy Roy and Dorab used to be on television, giving us new insights (at that time) into our voting psychology and patterns, as a collective.
With the amount of data crunching available, now even our sleep patterns prior voting day may have an effect on our vote, or so it seems. New gizmos, plethora of experts, noisy politicians, the cacophony just goes on. The last lap in the great Indian tamasha called elections is on us.
Hope we don’t lose sight of reality in the glitter of augmented reality.

May the better coalition win and hopefully do good by us, the people of India, who elect.

Don’t forget the poor, humble voter – we matter !!

That rare breed

Some people just have that serenity about them….it’s in their visage……their inner light just shines through……that calmness…that humour…coupled with seriousness…that lazy demeanour…coupled with single minded doggedness…their approach to everything… uncomplicated..they seem to have so much fun and time…… detached involvement………. treasure these people. Stay close to them ……in whichever way…..They are a rare breed and getting rarer.

The Telangana Mess – Student Suicides

And whilst the rest of India is busy with electioneering, saving the nation from enemies, real and imagined; and calling each other names…..a sordid drama is being played out in Telangana, where the sheer depth of callousness and negligence in evaluating and tabulating the results of students has led to loss of precious young lives.
What kind of a set-up is this where a student is awarded a 0 instead of 99 ? Are papers even checked, evaluated ? Is there any kind of supervision ? Or are people paid only to idle, overlook and obfuscate ?
All culprits going by the exalted name of ‘teachers’, must be taken to task. Heads must not only roll, but time bound prosecution on charges of criminal negligence and abetment must be undertaken against all masquerading as teachers.
And if the State Government is tardy, then maybe the Courts can take Suo Moto cognisance of the issue and bring the full force of the law to bear on the culprits.
The broader issue – this craze for marks and the resulting heartbreak on not getting them…. should set alarm bells ringing in the educational establishments. Do they even care ?
They must be busy deciding the quantum of the next fee hike, which book to ban, or adjudicating on what children and staff should wear to college.
Sad, but India fails it’s young students yet again – we cannot even ensure fair evaluation! A crying shame!
#Telangana #Studentsuicides